Saturday, February 21, 2009

His Mistress, His Terms

Trailer: Rich, gorgeous playboy Alex Fitzgerald initially hires Merrow O'Connell for her interior design skills. But soon Alex is determined to break his number-one rule and have the Irish beauty in his bed. She's perfect mistress material! Merrow can't argue with the boss. But she's learned not to let anyone get close and has vowed to stay unattached. So what will she do when the billionaire playboy suddenly wants her to be more than just his mistress?

Thoughts: Not sure why it took me over a month to read this book. I guess I was distracted with several others that caught my eye (as usual) but anyways.....I thought it was a good book. It was not written like a typical HP with the hero fighting his feelings. Alex and Merrow spent a passionate night together and met some time later when he hired her to work with him on a project. Alex was very must pursuing Merrow who was attracted to Alex but wanted to keep her distance. Alex didn't strike me as being cold and distant.....he was very much in the relationship and in love with Merrow the whole time. Merrow is the one that did the running and tried to protect her heart. In the end, Merrow is the one that confessed the love she was feeling first and that really irritated me. I wanted Alex to come clean.

Let me hear your thoughts on this one if you have read it. Still looking for Lynn Graham

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pregnant by the Millionaire by Carole Mortimer

I promised to write about Lynne Graham's lately trilogy but I picked up a book written by Carole Mortimer and couldn't put it down. Here is the trailer:

Hebe can't believe she's ended up in her handsome boss's bed. But it seems Nick Cavendish just needed to be with someone on the anniversary of his young son's death.....

Its no wonder I didn't read this novel previously.....I didn't want to read about death....HPs are supposed to be fun. Well it started with Hebe (kinda strange name for the herione) who worked at an Art Gallery owned by Nick. He was hurting from the death of his young son three years prior so he seemed distant and cold. He bumps into Hebe one day and was attracted to her beauty. Needless to say........Hebe was in his bed that night and was pregnant six weeks later.

I enjoyed reading about a heroine who had a college degree, a decent job, was smart and was adopted. This gave the reader a hint of an underlying storyline ...... finding her birth parents!!! I also liked the fact that Nick fell in love with Hebe early on in the story. Many of the harlequins lead us to believe the hero "holds out" with emotion right til the very end. Not so here.

Regrets? Yes, that the writer didn't give more of an explanation as to why Nick's previous marriage failed.......granted, she did explain that the relationship broke down after their son died but I wanted more details.....

Overall, this book is a keeper. I really like the depth of emotion that Nick feels and enjoyed reading the novel from his perspective.

Now, I better go find the trilogy I promised.....toodles.