Saturday, August 15, 2009

Benny & Shrimp, Katarina Mazetti

Thanks to the folks over at FSB Associates for sending me this book.

It started in a cemetery, where they begrudgingly share a bench. "Shrimp," the childless young widow and librarian with a sharp intellect and a home so tidy tat her jam jars are in alphabetical order, meets Benny, the gentle, overworked milk farmer who fears becoming the village's Old Bachelor. Both driven by an enormous longing and loudly ticking biological clocks. they can't escape the powerful attraction between them..........

This is a quirky, down-to-earth love story between Benny and Desiree (Shrimp) with an ending that I didn't expect. Shrimp is very neat and has a plan for her life. On the other hand, Benny's life is mostly a series of reactions. He would eat if hungry, shop if supplies are low and milk the cows if they needed milking. I empathized with Benny since he worked so hard for very little while Shrimp refused to lend a hand!

I thought Katarina Mazetti's choice of writing in alternating "character" was brilliant. She did a great job of analyzing events from a man's perspective and really zeroed in on their differences. I was totally emersed in the story. This book is a must read.....the characters are interesting and story...unpredictable.