Sunday, March 8, 2009

Once upon a Christmas by Holly Jacobs

Book 2 in the Holly Jacobs Trilogy.

Are three people about to get their Christmas wish?
When her nephew announces he's going to find his father, Michelle Hamilton never dreams the man's actually going to show up at her door! Only a paternity test will determine whether Daniel McLean has a legitimate claim. But that doesn't stop the much-too-appealing potential dad from throwing Michelle's well-ordered world into upheaval.............
My thoughts are that Michelle is so very uptight! Well, I guess I would be too if some guy suddenly appears in my nephew's life and saying he will play the role of "Dad". First order of the day would be a background check then I would do my own snooping around. In any case, Daniel is a courageous human being for taking on Michelle and Brandon without knowing whether or not he is Brandon's dad. I liked him immediately.

Brandon is more than a typical teen --- I like that he respects his Aunt enough to do what she asks but makes his own decision on a very important topic. I was happy that Michelle found the love that was seemingly lacking from her life at such a young age and hopes that she will have children with Daniele.....that would be a whole 'nother story.

I enjoyed this book as the characters are warm and inviting and shows the ever growing friendship between Michelle, Samantha and Carly.

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