Saturday, March 7, 2009

Once upon a Thanksgiving by Holly Jacobs

Three women from Erie Elementary were thrown together on the social committee because they missed the first PTA Meeting. As it turns out, there worked well together and would become great friends.

This book centers around Samantha. Divorced with 4 kids, three of whom are boys, missing the attention of their dad. Dad.....well he had to go find himself and after he found girlfriend Lois, she helps him rekindle the relationship with his kids. Typical of some guys to be able to take time out to find themselves when times re tough.

In any case, they got in trouble at school and had to go to the principal's office. Mom (Samantha) was called in to discuss her boys behavior and found she was attracted to Principal Remington. Turns out they both went to Erie Elementary school (Sami as she was called) was about 2 years behind Harry.
Theirs was a relationship seemingly doomed from the start as Harry vowed not to get involved with a woman with kids yet he cannot stay away from Samantha. Sami on ther other hand knew that Harry was just the interim Principal and would be returning to Columbus after the Thanksgiving Holidays.

Without re-writing the entire book, Stan (Samantha's older son) got over himself and even their dad is doing much better thanks to his new love Lois. Samantha and Harry got their happy ending with Harry staying on as the new principal at Erie Elementary and Samantha finally accepting herself, extra weight and all.

Its a heart warming book deserving 3.5 stars.


Anonymous said...

I just ordered three Harlequin books and can't wait to read them...have a few books ahead first.

Nice blog!

Evy said...

Hi Kaye
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the harlequins you ordered. I ordered 11 so my tbr list will be huge but I am taking it one at a time. Happy Sunday!