Sunday, April 12, 2009

Savas' Defiant Mistress by Anne McAllister

THEY WERE LIKE FIRE AND ICE ...... In the office people called Sebastian Savas "The Iceman." Fiery Neely Robson knew why. What she didn't know was why a man so hard and cold could melt her defenses with a single look. The solution: stay away from him.
Easy to say. Impossible to do. How could she keep away from Sebastian when the Seattle houseboat where she was living had a new owner — Sebastian himself — and he was, heaven help her, moving in!

I absolutely loved this book. First up, Hero and Heroine are both working as Architects so they appear to be equally "yoked". Harlequin moment: When Savas refuses to let Neely work side by side with him as he views her work as "fluffy and girly". Typical Harlequin men. Oh but I am not complaining........she has to step in and handle one of his meetings and was able to convey Savas designs to their clients. As great an Architect as he was, he had a challenge in this department. I enjoyed the book because the home they shared is a houseboat rather than a stark penthouse apartment. I also liked the fact that Savas has a large family (mostly women) but he finds time to listen to his sisters problems and even helps with an impending wedding. He is gorgeous and hard working but can be charming. I just don't understand how he has the money to spend the way he does when his dad obviously does not help him financially. On the other hand, Neely is beautiful, smart and very much wants her own family.

I was hoping Neely to stick to her guns a bit more and not fall into bed with Savas.........alas, I was hoping for more "action" but all I got was sweet, romantic and caring in both Hero and Heroine. Who's complaining? Not me.

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