Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just a Dream, Aliyah Burke


Caden Bradshaw has vowed never again to get involved with a military man. Having lost her Navy husband to war, she knows she couldn't bear to suffer another loss. Her determination fades quickly on meeting handsome Gunnery Sergeant Liam Quinn.When Liam spies Caden's car stopped in a snowstorm, he's instantly struck by the dark beauty. A whirlwind courtship brings the promise of a lasting relationship, but Caden's stubborness proves to be a roadblock. Can Liam convince Caden that his love for her is real, and not just a dream?


I loved the characters in this book and thought they were good for each other. Caden is very sweet but vulnerable. She is scared to give her heart to another man while mourning her husband who died in the line of duty. Liam (Gunnery Sergeant with the United States Marine Corps) has the hots for Caden and hopes to break through her barrier. I think the lesson learned here is that life is not guaranteed so if you get a chance at love…… with it.

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Kea said...

It's true that life comes with no guarantees. You can leave the house for your morning commute and never make it home that day. That's why is so important to treasure those you love, and tell them so. Leave no kind words unspoken, for you might never get a chance.