Monday, July 20, 2009

A Weaver Wedding by Allison Leigh

Shy and retiring Tara Browning couldn't believe it. One minute she was enjoying an outrageous, out-of-the-blue weekend of heaven with Weaver's hometown hunk, Axel Clay, and the next minute he disappeared without so much as a goodbye! Was she dreaming? The baby on the way seemed very real indeed….
Now, months later, Axel was back in town, showing up on her doorstep with a song and dance about being her bodyguard while her brother testified in a high-profile criminal trial. In such close quarters, could Tara keep her baby secret—and her hands to herself—now that this masterful man of the Double-C Ranch was back on her radar?

My thoughts:

My first Silhouette in a while and .... actually a review book for Harlequin. Set in the small town of Weaver, this story is part of a series about the men of the Double C Ranch. The writer did a good job of showing the importance of family. Tara found herself alone and pregnant but found a "home" with Axel's parents and siblings as well as their spouses. Growing up was not easy for Tara as she did not have the stability that Axel enjoyed with his family.

On the other hand, Axel's character seemed childish at times. He said he was concerned for Tara's safety as her body guard .........but as a man, his actions left much to be desired. How dare he spend several nights with her but disappears for months without so much as a phone call.

Overall, I thought the story bordered on the mysterious.....though too many characters were introduced. I thought the novel was heartwarming and definitely embraced family as a central theme but not as steamy a novel as I would prefer.


Kristen howe said...

That book sounds like a good read. Axel is an unusual name for a male lead. You have another good blog here.

Kea said...

Ah, I see you found Hot Bliggity blog! I keep trying different backgrounds, get bored with them easily. Except for my own reading blog. :-)

Yes, I am done with the dentist; thanks!

Maisey said...

Hi Evy,

Great Blog! I got this book through the tell Harlequin panel and I enjoyed it well enough. Agreed about him not contacting her though. I don't usually read this imprint, but I think I would pick up another one based on this book.