Monday, July 6, 2009

Your Local Handyman by Stephanie Williams

Who is going to fix who up with what?
Alexis Harrison has bought the American Dream. She purchased a huge Colonial fixer-upper in a posh neighborhood. She’s now ready to have a house warming party. All she has to do is find the right person or persons to help her do all the hard work. No problem. She has met and hooked up with the local handyman, the sexy Tony Castellano. But when her house starts falling apart at the seams, so does she. But Tony is there ready to fix things—and not just the house.
Tony Castellano, wants to be more than the local handyman to the sexy new neighbor Alexis Harrison. But he’s willing to fix her windows, her pipes and anything else that needs repair as long as he’s near her. But fate has come knocking. Now her house is a total wreak and she needs a place to stay. Now he can show her he can fix more than pipes.
Will Tony heat up more than the water or will Alexis deep freeze him?

This was simultaneous combustion from the start but neither Tony nor Alexis was willing to admit it ……….that is, until Tony got a chance to do some work at Alexis’s house while she was home. Alexis with her mocha skin and succulent lips, sets Tony’s hard, Italian body on fire.

Tony struck me as a very devoted guy who is loyal to the woman he chooses. Alexis, on the other hand seems to be very ambitious but not really the "marrying" type. I enjoyed this novella but really wished the author had more time to develop these characters so the reader could get a better understanding of what motivated both of them.

Overall, it’s a wonderful story of romance and lust. The book is highly entertaining and a very spicy read.

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Kea said...

Hmm, the cover model could fix anything in my house, that's for sure....